Bryan Callen – Man Class

Hilariously funny comedian Bryan Callen made his television debut as an original cast member on MadTV. Watch him in the briliant one hour comedy show “Man Class” where he teaches the audience what it really takes to be a real man.


  • Jerry Seinfeld Live on Broadway – I’m Telling You for the Last Time

    Jerry Seinfeld dishes out his best material in "I'm Telling You for the Last Time" in New York City. A great addition to the DVD is a Q&A with Jerry. This is one of those comedy specials that is hilarious even after repeated viewings.


  • Amy Schumer – Mostly Sex Stuff

    "Mostly Sex Stuff" is Amy Schumer's first stand up special where Amy shares her hilarious viewpoints on her messed up dating- and sex life. Watch Amy Schumer on her debut first comedy hour.

    from $2.99

  • Mike Birbiglia – My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend

    Mike Birbiglia's one hour special is a truly unique performance, where he performs almost more as a one man act rather than a traditional comedy special. Mike Birbiglia shares his honest and insightfull stories with the audience.

    from $9.99

  • Ellen DeGeneres – Here and Now

    Arguably Ellen DeGeneres's best stand up comedy special. A full hour of solid material that put Ellen DeGeneres on the limelight, where she shares her hilarious observations and billiant comedic mind. Filmed live at the Beacon Theater in New York City.