Eddie Izzard – Dress to Kill

Stand up comedian Eddie Izzard takes his show to San Francisco where he shares his razor-sharp wits with the audience, where he talks about religion, society, the moon and everything in between.


  • Joe Rogan – Rocky Mountain High

    Joe Rogan's stand up specials is recorded at the infamous Denver Comedy Works. Pay attention and get paranoid as Rogan dives deep into different topics and shares his perspective with you, high above everything in Denver - Colorado.

    from $3.99

  • Jim Gaffigan – Obsessed

    Jim Gaffigan is back with his 4th comedy special where he talks about his different obsessions in life and most importantly food. Brace yourselfs for non-ending laughter as Jim Gaffigans takes the stage in "Obsessed".

    from $2.99

  • Dave Chappelle – Killin’ Them Softly

    Recorded in Washington DC in 2000 and originally aired by HBO. "Killin' Them Softly" is easily regarded as one of the best specials ever, where Dave Chappelle performs his hilarious and sharp comedy act.


  • Jerry Seinfeld Live on Broadway – I’m Telling You for the Last Time

    Jerry Seinfeld dishes out his best material in "I'm Telling You for the Last Time" in New York City. A great addition to the DVD is a Q&A with Jerry. This is one of those comedy specials that is hilarious even after repeated viewings.