Eddie Izzard – Dress to Kill

Stand up comedian Eddie Izzard takes his show to San Francisco where he shares his razor-sharp wits with the audience, where he talks about religion, society, the moon and everything in between.


  • Dave Attell – Road Work

    Comics comic Dave Attell in his special "Road Work". The special is really unique in its style where it cuts together different performances from different venues across America, and gives it more of a raw feeling.


  • Chris D’Elia – White Male Black Comic

    Chis D'Elia is one of the fastest growing american stand up comedians today. He touches alcohol, dates and a whole lot more in his hilarious comedy special "White Male Black Comic".

    from $7.99

  • Sam Kinison – Breaking All the Rules

    Stand up legend Sam Kinison is in a league on his own. The release "Breaking All the Rules" is a must-have for fans old and new. Voted onto Comedy Central's All-Time Top 20 Stand Up Comedians list, this comedy special will make all his fans very happy.

    from $2.99

  • Aziz Ansari – Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening

    In his hillarious debut one hour comedy special Aziz Ansari talks about his cousin Harris among other things. This also includes a bonus 30 minutes of material that was not included in the aired special.