Bryan Callen – Man Class

Hilariously funny comedian Bryan Callen made his television debut as an original cast member on MadTV. Watch him in the briliant one hour comedy show “Man Class” where he teaches the audience what it really takes to be a…


Dave Chappelle – For What It’s Worth

One of, if not, the best stand up comedy special of Dave Chappelle. Filmed at the infamous Fillmore in San Francisco, Chappelle goes on about subjects of celebrities, his television show and of course crackheads.


Doug Stanhope – Beer Hall Putsch

This is one of Doug Stanhope’s best comedy specials in my opinion. “Beer Hall Putsch” takes you deep into various topics of life where Doug candidly shares his stories with the audience. Not for the faint hearted.

from $3.99

Joe Rogan – Talking Monkeys in Space

Host of the popular podcast The Joe Rogan Experience, Rogan tackles everything from marijuana to Dr.Phil in his acclaimed stand up comedy special “Talking Monkeys in Space”. Hilariously stupid or stupidly hilarious, you be the judge.


Mike Birbiglia – My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend

Mike Birbiglia’s one hour special is a truly unique performance, where he performs almost more as a one man act rather than a traditional comedy special. Mike Birbiglia shares his honest and insightfull stories with the audience.

from $9.99

Eddie Izzard – Dress to Kill

Stand up comedian Eddie Izzard takes his show to San Francisco where he shares his razor-sharp wits with the audience, where he talks about religion, society, the moon and everything in between.


Ellen DeGeneres – Here and Now

Arguably Ellen DeGeneres’s best stand up comedy special. A full hour of solid material that put Ellen DeGeneres on the limelight, where she shares her hilarious observations and billiant comedic mind. Filmed live at the Beacon Theater in New…


Bill Hicks – Revelations

Watch Bill Hicks in the height of his career in his stand up show “Revelations” filmed in London, England. Bill Hicks challenges his audience in this thought provoking stand up special where he talks about the crazyness and the…


Steve Martin – A Wild and Crazy Guy

“A Wild and Crazy Guy” is Steve Martin’s first HBO comedy special. This unique comedy show is part concert footage from Universal in L.A. and part sketch comedy show.

from $3.99

George Carlin – Complaints and Grievances

This is George Carlin’s 12th HBO commedy special, shot live at the Beacon Theater in New York in 2001. George Carlin challenges his audience in this one our special and talks about war, religion and society.

from $2.99

  • Chris Rock – Bring the Pain

    One of Chris Rock’s best stand up specials “Bring the Pain” has won 2 Emmy Awards. Filmed in Washington D.C., Chris Rock delivers his sharp and brilliant views on everything from relationships to politics.


  • Amy Schumer – Mostly Sex Stuff

    “Mostly Sex Stuff” is Amy Schumer’s first stand up special where Amy shares her hilarious viewpoints on her messed up dating- and sex life. Watch Amy Schumer on her debut first comedy hour.

    from $2.99

  • Bill Hicks – Relentless

    Watch one of the all-time greats Bill Hicks in his comedy special from 1992 where he talks about smoking, religion, war, peace and much much more. Watch “Relentless” for free.


  • Daniel Tosh – Completely Serious

    Very popular Daniel Tosh in his comedy special “Completely Serious” recorded in 2007. Nothing is holy and noone is safe in this one hour show that’s considered a gem by his fans. Check out the bright and bold Daniel…

    from $2.99

  • Robin Williams – Live on Broadway

    Legend comedian/actor Robin Williams brings his frantic ways in his stand up comedy show “Live on Broadway” where he talks about breast implants, religion and everything in between. Recorded live in New York City.


  • Dave Attell – Road Work

    Comics comic Dave Attell in his special “Road Work”. The special is really unique in its style where it cuts together different performances from different venues across America, and gives it more of a raw feeling.


  • Demetri Martin – Standup Comedian

    Hilariously quirky stand up comedian Demetri Martin in his 2nd comedy special. Demetri Martin is a very unique and talented comedian and this feature includes content that wasn’t on the aired version.

    from $2.99

  • Ricky Gervais – Out of England

    English comedian Ricky Gervais in his very first HBO stand up special where Ricky has his unique little take on different matters such as autism, obesity, nazis and stupid friends. Enjoy.


  • Jim Gaffigan – Obsessed

    Jim Gaffigan is back with his 4th comedy special where he talks about his different obsessions in life and most importantly food. Brace yourselfs for non-ending laughter as Jim Gaffigans takes the stage in “Obsessed”.

    from $2.99

  • Kevin Hart – Laugh at my Pain

    Kevin Hart is one of the biggest stand up comedians today. “Laugh at my Pain” is recorded in Philadelphia and is the stand up special that put Kevin Hart on the limelight.

    from $2.99